The 3 most important factors in building muscle.

When you want to build some muscle, whether a large amount or just so you have a more toned appearance, it can seem like it’s a really complex thing. But it really isn’t, as long as you stick to these 3 factors, which are the keys to building muscle.

1.Progressive increase in training volume.

This sounds complicated but really just means doing slightly more each day, week or month. Total training volume is Sets x Reps x Load, so if you did 3 sets of 10 reps at 10kg, you would have lifted a total of 300kg. So to increase this the next week you could do:

3 x 10 @ 12kg = 360kg

3 x 12 @ 10kg = 360kg

4 x 8 @ 10kg = 320kg

All these would give you an increase in training volume and if progressed through the weeks and months, would cause some growth in muscle.

2.Adequate Nutrition

To build muscle you need a slight excess in daily calories above your normal requirements. It’s not even a very large increase, somewhere between 200-500 calories extra per day would be enough. Protein is vitally important as well (as it’s the building blocks of muscle), but so is Carbohydrates (the fuel that saturates the muscles) and healthy fats (the building blocks of hormones).

3.Quantity and Quality of Sleep.

If training is the signal for muscle to grow, and nutrition is the building blocks, sleep is when it all happens. Sleep is all about recovery and repair and this is when your muscles grow. On average you need between 7 – 9 hours of quality sleep a night. The quality of this is really important; if you feel exhausted every morning, you wake up in the night to use the toilet, or you snore or wake up with a dry mouth, your quality of sleep isn’t good.

If you struggle with any of these, we have the expertise at Realfit to help you.

There are lots of flashy training programs, nutritional supplements and training devices that promise muscle growth, but these 3 tips are by far the most important and effective.


Written by Realfit Coach Andy