5 best exercises for beginners at home!


Planks give you a full body workout, as well as strengthening the core muscles, upper body and lower body. Another great thing about the plank is that you don’t need any equipment.

Glute Bridges:

Glute bridges are a very good exercise for building core stability, building glute strength, and improving overall exercise form and function. Strengthening these areas is often great for helping back pain, which is extremely common.

Air Squats:

When squatting, the obvious muscles targeted are in the lower body (legs), but you will also engage muscles above your waist, in this movement. Air squats also lower your chances of injuring your knees and ankles and the movement strengthens your tendons, bones and ligaments around the leg muscles.

Sit ups:

Sit ups are a great way to improve your core strength, as well as getting a great workout. Regular sit-ups in a routine will improve posture and burns more calories, in the long run, by building your muscles. Strengthening the core is very important and will help to reduce the chances of injury.

Mountain Climbers:

Mountain climbers will engage multiple muscle groups in your body. They are an effective way of strengthening your arms, back, shoulders, core and legs. They are also great for building cardio endurance and agility – raising your heart rate and giving you a full body workout.

Written by Realfit Coach Jacob