Strength & Power Sessions – Train like a Powerlifter / Weightlifter / Athlete


We all secretly want to be powerlifters.  You know how it is –  spend 3 hours between our sets, constantly play heavy metal music and use a sleep apnea machine to survive laying on our backs… Only kidding that life is only for the hard core but their is something magical watching people hoist ridiculous weights around and defy the laws of physics and biology


These days are made for explosive strength and power.  This simply means that depending on your goals, training history and preference you may want to:


  • Work on your Bench, Squat and Deadlift
  • Work on your olympic lifts (Snatch, Clean & Jerk)
  • Work on your Speed Strength
  • Work on your Strength Speed
  • Work on your Strength Endurance
  • Or all of the above


Muscle Building Sessions – Train like a Bodybuilder / Figure Athlete


I don’t need you to put on a skimpy swimsuit and parade yourself like you’re on a casting couch in front of a panel of middle aged men.  I’m not into that.


But the art of a good pump session is something that has captured my heart from day one of weight training and still to this day holds a special place in my heart.


Bodybuilding and figure athletes teach us the art of balance.  When you train the big basic compound movements you inevitably start to miss the little auxiliary muscles that not only complete your physique but keep your body injury free.


The art of a good muscle building session is to elicit 3 mechanisms within the muscles:


  • Mechanical Tension – Using full range movements against resistance

  • Muscle Damage – Micro tears in the muscle which along with good nutrition will repair and grow the muscle

  • Metabolic Stress – The pump, The burn, and the reason arnie is happy all the time

So we ensure when we create our muscle building sessions these boxes are ticked regularly.  The great thing is you can add tonnes of variety by changing methods regularly and keeping the fun factor of training without sacrificing gains.


Conditioning Sessions – Train like a Crossfit / Strongman Athlete


Oh great here we go, another coach that got bit by the crossfit bug and so will make us do “Death by” burpee workouts and who takes his top off after 5 minutes of warming up.  Well only one of those statements describe me and it aint getting my nips out for you all to goggle at.


Crossfit training was something I fell into when I trained with two buddies of mine one sweaty and painful tuesday afternoon.  Since then I have consumed tonnes of info, smashed myself with copious WODing and have seen the good, bad and ugly of the Sport.


Really the sport of Crossfit is different from the training, especially if you’re just someone looking to take the health and fitness benefits from this awesome training model.


For the purposes of our overall fitness programme we are looking to improve:


  • Aerobic Fitness
  • Muscle Endurance
  • Fatigue Management


If we can pace our sessions and improve the above qualities we can have a longer more sustainable type of fitness.


Sounds interesting? Where do you sign up?


There will be plenty of opportunities to try this style of training whether it’s from our extensive live workout library, our DIY programmes or signing up to my group coaching programme.


The main point of this first article is to start peaking our interest, and getting you to understand the WHY of Realfit X and its undisputed awesomeness.  


Now go get the day!