I know it probably seemed like a novelty to begin with, working from home.

No travelling or commuting, a little more flexibility with your working hours and the ability to always be in when Amazon knock on your door.

But it’s completely understandable if this is starting to become a drag for you now.

For one thing, your bosses have a captive audience; they know you are sat at your computer (not quickly nipping to Stores or HR or visiting a client), and they know your schedule so meetings can be scheduled at 4:30pm (when you were hoping to get something in the oven for dinner). So you’re sat there clock watching while STILL in your pyjamas.

Out of all these things though, I’ll tell you what you are really missing, the social interaction. ZOOM and instant messages just aren’t the same. Even with social restrictions and distancing it would still be nice to see someone is person.

We are sociable animals and need (even for the most introverted) social contact and from a diverse mix of people. And doing this via a computer isn’t the same. A lot of our communication is non-verbal meaning we look for reactions from everybody we mix with, from their facial expressions, posture and tone. And we really do need these to feel mentally good.

So, what did you used to do at work? Find an excuse to go talk to somebody in a different department, chat when making coffee, sit with your colleagues for lunch or nip out for a brisk walk with one of your friends during a break. All good businesses appreciate that all these actually increase productivity and make for a happier workforce.

It is a bit more complicated at the moment, and you’ll have to plan a little more to socialise, but it can be done and should be done.

What can you do then (obviously adhering to government guidelines):

  1. Still get out for a walk even if you have to make up an excuse for yourself. There are plenty of people in the same boat as you who’d gladly join you (will just be different people to those you normally work with – and that’s not a bad thing).
  2. Practically all coffee shops are open and have WiFi. Do some work there and have a friend meet you for you lunch break. Plus we all feel like some kind of entrepreneur when using a laptop in Costa ?.
  3. AND FINALLY THE MOST IMPORTANT AND BLATANT SALES PLUG: COME TO REALFIT!!! We have sessions throughout the day and into the evening .  The people are nice and friendly, the sessions are really effective and are always a good laugh, and even the instructors are (mostly) nice.

We are so lucky to have such a wonderful social group through both the members and coaches, and you’ll also get fitter at the same time.

It’s Win Win and at pressent we have the FREE trial week so even more of a win for you.

For more information please contacts us on 07864 364037

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