The day has finally arrived and your little bundle of joy is here!!

Your emotions are all over the place and if you’re feeling anything like I did then you’ll be laughing one minute then crying the next.

It’s such a roller coaster of emotions and over the next few weeks they are going to be doing all sorts of wonderful things!

Firstly; the overwhelming love you feel for this little tiny human. I think I cried every time I looked at him as I just couldn’t believe he was ours, to keep!!

Then secondly the anxiousness sets in, oh my goodness i’ve got to actually keep this tiny human alive and out of danger! It’s such a big responsibility and can seem really daunting at first.

To add into the mix at the moment there is obviously Covid 19 and all the worry that comes along with it, although to be honest I felt much safer once he was actually born than I did whilst I was pregnant.

So mix all these emotions together, plus any pain you might be feeling after labour and you are one giant crying blubbery, happy mess! Yay!

But you have to remember it’s all totally normal and even those mummies on instagram that look all smiley, have a full face of make up on and running around the park 2 days after child birth, are actually dying inside! I can promise you.

I was so lucky when I had Finley because my amazing hubby could take longer off work than the normal 2 weeks. I had a pretty traumatic labour and was in a lot of pain afterwards meaning I could barely move for about 2 weeks so if he’d have had to go back to work I don’t know what I would have done.

He did everything for us in those first weeks and I just had to sit there helplessly on the sofa watching him run around caring and feeding us, cleaning up, answering the door every 5 secs because we had so many gifts and visitors and then making lots of cups of tea ha ha.

Although it was lovely in one instance, I felt totally useless and because i’m normally a very busy and independent kinda women i felt lost. I did obviously have the important role of feeding and cuddling our beautiful little boy but getting up and down off the sofa to get to him quickly if he was crying was a big no no or getting up to change his nappy was just so painful for me so I had to learn to sit there and enjoy being looked after. After a visit from the midwife and some very strong painkiller I began to feel more like myself and things became easier!!

I certainly did cry a lot though, I cried because I was happy, because I was in pain, because I was more tired than i’ve ever been before, because I was in total awe of this amazing baby we had created! The whole process is really a bit of a blur now but totally totally worth it.

So, once you’ve mastered the first few weeks it’s then potentially time for your partner to go back to work.

I would just like to say at this point if you are a single parent then you deserve a medal! That is all!!

Being on your own with your baby is magical, precious bonding time and more time for snuggles. It can also be very lonely though and feel quite isolating especially at the beginning when your little one is so small and can’t really interact with you.

During the Covid lockdowns as well we are all vey limited to where we can go so it’s really important you find things to keep you stimulated and happy.

You won’t be short of things to do around the house as it’s surprising how much time babies take up and how much washing they accumulate. Trying to do the washing up, have a shower and brush your teeth see like impossible tasks to start with but even though you are busy you can still feel pretty lonely.

I joined a few online groups with other new mums so I could ask questions and talk to others in the same boat as me and then just made sure I FaceTimed family members when I could, went out for walks etc. Also don’t forget to ask for help if you need it. I just wanted someone to come round and watch Finley whilst I had a shower and washed my hair, it doesn’t mean your failing it just means your not wonder women!! This is also a hard task at the moment as you’re not allowed anyone in your house but just make sure you speak to your partner and tell them you need half an hour to your self to either catch up on things or just take time to have that soak in the bath.


 The motto to my story is that crying is good, emotions are normal and asking for help is ok.

Find time for yourself, keep smiling and enjoy every second of being a mummy. We are very lucky to be given this amazing gift and we have to treasure it always.

Please feel free to message me with any questions or if you just want a buddy to chat to. I’m always her to lend an ear, share stories and give any advice I can.

Love always Gemma xx