Why you need to be more dense 

In the 20 years of rolling around the floor, in a sweaty mess, and struggling to lift weights which 45kg females in Asia smash for reps –  I have learnt a few things.  First, I am definitely at the bottom of the genetic food chain when it comes to natural talent and athletic potential, but secondly and maybe more important – when you work hard and look to improve whatever you can, despite your genetic short-comings you will win the race of life. 

And the tool that has helped me improve fitness and look and feel my best without sacrificing more time? Density.  You see being denser wins for any goal!  When you increase density of all your daily tasks, you have an unstoppable process to force improvement despite your less than stellar genetic gifts. 


What is Density?

Density defined in physics is – mass per unit volume 

So with any task you are presented with your goal is to get as much quality (mass) in the least amount of time (Unit Volume). 

In day-to-day life that would simply mean trying to get the big important tasks completed at the start of the day so you have less to deal with later on.  The reason that works so well is you are more likely to tire and be less mentally focused to deal with those tasks later. 

In training, its simply a case of using trusted High Density Methods, that allow the athlete to rest less and do more over time.  If you can do 10 push ups in a minute on week 1 and then by week 3 you can do 12 push ups in a minute you will be stronger and your body will adapt to the extra work. 

In nutrition, we want to improve the quality of the food you eat over the course of the day.  This in turn allows you to eat more nutritious food and reduce the hunger that will inevitably lead to less than optimal choices of often calorie dense foods that will tarnish the hard work you have put into your new regime.   

For your mindset we simply want to start controlling  the variables that allow us to stress less and enjoy more.  In the end, we can only control our thoughts, words and actions.  So, learning how to put our energy into this and shut out the negative and toxic noises can help shift us towards our goals. 

Helping others to achieve density mastery will be my mission here at Realfit Online and beyond.  An important part of your journey is to understand you won’t know it all, and like most things in nature will evolve and change along with your lifestyle and experience.  

Now go get the day!

Coach Kev