7 Benefits of Working Out


There are many benefits of working out and Coach Lucio will discuss 7 key positives below.


  1. Through weight training, you will decrease your chances of osteoporosis, as your chances of increasing bone density and strength will increase.
  2. Exercising correctly, will also increase mobility and range of motion (ROM) in the body’s movement.
  3. You will decrease the chance of heart disease and increase cardiovascular health.
  4. Exercising has scientifically been proven to improve mental health by increasing endorphin release, which is the brains reward system.
  5. Exercising regularly has also been linked with improved sleep patterns and better quality of sleep.
  6. You’ll be sure to improve your body composition, so be sure to look out for those GAINS!
  7. Working out will give you the chance to share an experience with an ongoing community, you will be sure to make new friends when training in a fitness environment.

Hope these 7 tips inspire you to put on those trainers and get outside.