There are 2 things I hate about nutritional advice from mainstream media outlets:

  • I have to buy 14,000 ingredients.
  • I have to spend 5 hours trying to convince my children that Foie gras on a bed of asparagus is actually real food.

Let’s face it if you are a real life person with the stressors and limited time that being a busy adult entails then you don’t have time for another list of portentous grub to consume in your evenings.

So, to coincide with Realfit’s 7 year birthday I have made this article to give you 7 tips to making your nutrition work for you without having to spend any more time practicing your flambé skills.

For nutrition its always what you add not what you take away that’s important, so we are always looking to increase the following:

  • Increase Awareness

Understand that good nutrition is simply a case of increasing your control over your diet makes all the difference in how you approach your food day to day.  Using a tracker like even for a couple of weeks will help you see what your calories, macros and meal timings currently are and where you may need to start making the changes needed.

  • Increase your knowledge

Do you know what protein is?

Could you tell me the number of calories in 100g of pats is?

Do you even know what calories are?

Knowledge is power and being able to understand just the basics of nutrition will make you 10 times more likely to make significant change to your health, wellbeing and physique.  Learning the macros, what amounts you should eat and where to best get them from will be the game changer you’ve been looking for.

  • Increase your Hydration

Drinking more water will not only help you look and feel better every time, you will also perform at your best consistently too.  1.5 to 2ltrs of water a day will change the game for you and will build other habits as you start to feel the difference

  • Increase Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Your parents and grandparents weren’t actually being cruel when they made you eat your broccoli. In fact they were trying to install the most healthy and essential habits that would help you grow into the awesome person you are today.  Eating as many different items as possible of produce you can to reap the full benefits.  My greatest tip to help you here is simply replacing starchy carbs like rice, pasta and potatoes with fibre based carbs like peas, cauliflower and parsnips.

  • Increase essential Fatty acids

Fats Are without doubt the most misunderstood area of diet around. They have the highest calories per gram which makes them super simple to increase our daily calorie intake too high, this is why food companies will cut fat from their foods in order to sell “better health”. But dropping fat and the essential fatty acids they contain is actually detrimental to overall health.

So eat plenty of fish, seaweed, nuts, seeds and olive oil to ensure a good mix of healthy fats.  You want to increase your omega 3 fatty acid intake so ensure you get this from your food or a supplement.

  • Increase Protein

Protein, the most important of all macros and the literal building blocks to your fitness, health and performance. I’m not here to bash the other 2 macros but Carbs are the devil and I heard fats called you a douche bag so you can make your own mind up.

Protein helps you increase metabolism, keep hunger at bay and maintains/builds lean muscle.  Most healthy adults need a minimum of 0.8g to 1g of protein per kg of bodyweight and for 99.9% of adults I help with their nutrition almost always fall way short of that.  To avoid this eat a protein rich meal 3 to 6 times a day.

  • Increase Control

In the end to control your body weight, fat percentage and measurements you need to control your calories.  From building your awareness and knowledge first you make the best chances to succeed at this task by ensuring the calories you consume are quality so if you need to lose that extra weight or build some meat on those bones you have the best opportunity to do so.

So, what do you do with all this information?

This may all sound like a lot, but notice how I haven’t mentioned recipes, or tried to get you to radically change your diet.  I haven’t mentioned sins or cheats or treats.  You shouldn’t be made to feel bad because you want to have pizza and chips with the kids once a week or to enjoy family food gatherings like BBQ’s and parties, life is for living!

But simply starting to ensure you are aware of the foods you eat and accountable to the choices in quality you make can go a long way to helping you finally feel confident with nutrition and how if fits into your lifestyle.

Now go get the day!

Coach Kev