The last 12 months have been rough, to say the least.  But I am ever the optimist and I want to show you that with a little consistency and effort you will not only get back what you had before but blast past your previous best self with a fitter and healthier you.

So, lets look at the 5 best tips you can use to help restart your fitness and push beyond your previous best.

  • Increase Awareness – Ignorance isn’t bliss! Using a tracking app for a short amount of time could help you identify the quantity and quality of your current diet.  By increasing your awareness of the food you eat will help you make the changes needed.
  • Increase Hydration – Yep, simple but effective.  Drinking around 2 litres of water a day is pretty much the gold standard for most, but just the act of increasing your water intake a little can have drastic changes in your mood and performance.
  • Increase essential nutrients – “Eat your vegetables” those immortal words passed down from parent to child since the dawn of time.  You want to eat more of the green things plus you want to increase your protein and essential fatty acids.  This can be from supplements or more preferably food.
  • Increase Daily movement – Do something every day.  You don’t need to come to our amazing establishment at Realfit everyday (though you are welcome too).  But you should enjoy and active lifestyle that includes 2-4 fitness sessions, daily stretching and walks to help recovery and movement and enjoy time with the family.
  • Increase sleep – You need on average 7 hours of sleep a night.  This should be a non-negotiable, but you know how life is – far from perfect.  But getting in your sleep is the number 1 most underestimated tools to your fitness arsenal.  Not only will you have more energy and be better recovered, your mood will increase and you’re less likely to want to binge on your favourite snack.

If you where to start concentrating on even just one of the above and stick to it your 20% more likely to see and feel the awesome results they can produce.  The coaches at Realfit are expert Fitness Trainers who can help your achieve any goal you desire.

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