At Realfit we welcome anyone who  wants to improve their fitness levels and reach their goals, what ever they are.  Here Scott says why small group training (wow that is exactly what we do) is good for you.

  1. Training in a group will help to keep you motivated. When training on your own it is so easy to just call it a day when you are not feeling 100% up for it. Whilst in an instructor lead class, you know that that session is for ‘X’ amount of time, and that the instructor is going to push you all the way. There are still going to be days when you are not feeling it but that is why you have that instructor there as well as the other members to help encourage and pull you through the session.
  1. Workouts are so much more enjoyable in a group. If you don’t enjoy something, then you are never going to stick to it. So by training in a group it brings that positive, fun atmosphere where training no longer feels like a chore. And when training no longer feels like a chore then you are going to do it more frequently, and by doing it more frequently = greater results!
  1. Training in a group can also bring out a slight competitive edge in you and push you harder than you might’ve done if you was on your own. It may encourage you to lift heavier weights, hold that plank for longer, perform more reps than anyone else or simply, try and finish your set before anyone else. A bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone…

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**Please note the photo used in this blog was prior to any Covid 19 rules and regulations came into force.