Group Training Sessions at Realfit – closed due to Tier 4 – but open online! 

Group Training Sessions at Realfit 

At Realfit we look to build your fitness at all levels and abilities.  Our goal is to make training engaging, challenging but most of all fun.  We want you to become part of our family, from the minute you enter the building until the moment you leave, our community is welcoming and there is no judgement.  You will be encouraged and supported every step of the way.

All our sessions are always led by one of our top coaches and showcase our high levels of experience so you can get the best training experiences around.

Here is a look at all the sessions we offer:

Realfit Member classes

REALFIT SESSIONS – Specially created to optimise, strengthen and improve your health and fitness. Whether you are wanting to shape and tone, improve your stamina and endurance, or smash your strength gains, this class is perfect for you.  Each week a new trainer writes our sessions so you will get maximum variety and get to enjoy different training methods to keep training fresh each week.

STRENGTH CLUB – We all need to be stronger.  Weather its to help us complete daily tasks better or to help improve other fitness qualities. Strength Club is a great way to introduce yourself to strength training.  You will learn and progress your compound strength movements like squats and presses whilst also working on improving your weaknesses with targeted accessory movement and mobility work.

WOMEN’S LIFT – Strength training can seem intimidating, especially to female trainers.  And though our Strength club is welcoming and encouraging you may feel the need to build your confidence up first.  Woman’s lift is perfect for this and you will be able to learn the compound movements with the coach on a more 1-to-1 basis whist still being in a group environment.

BOXING – Boxing training is by far the greatest way to help improve your fitness levels.  It improves co-ordination, power, speed and has a great cardio effect.  But the thought of being punched in the face can be a little off putting.  So, we have created classes that allow you to reap all the benefits with little to no contact.  We also offer technique workshops through the year to help you home in on technique and make the sessions even more result producing.

REALFIT X – The goal of Realfit X is to allow you to experience higher intensity workouts with the Realfit twist.  The session is made up of 3 short but intense circuits that will build Strength, Power, Muscle and endurance like no other.  Each circuit is completely different to the last so you will never get board and always have a challenge to complete.  We advise that you have done at least a month of Realfit sessions before trying this class.

REALFIT STRETCH WOMEN / MEN – These 30-minute sessions are to help you improve your flexibility in your muscles and help you move with greater mobility and control.  Our coaches will ensure you leave feeling and moving better to help enhance your training and your day to day life.

HIIT – HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. As the name implies these sessions are short and intense but pack a powerful punch for increasing your metabolism for a greater fat burning effect.  You will get a great workout in only 30 minutes and then enjoy the benefits as your metabolism burns calories like a furnace for the rest of the day

CIRCUITS – These sessions allow us to introduce our Realfit philosophy to a classic Circuits style class.  You will work on strength, flexibility and conditioning in an easy to follow circuit fashion.  Each circuit can be full bodied of be focused on specific areas like the core or legs.  If you want to see what we do but in the safety of a more familiar setting than Circuits will be perfect for you.

SENIOR MOVEMENT CLASSES OVER 60’s – As we age the need for strength and conditioning becomes paramount.  The thought of joining high impact and super advanced classes can become intimidating and stop many from enjoying the benefits of exercise.  So, we have created a Fun and energetic class specifically designed for over 60’s. our coaches will guide you through a low impact session that will improve flexibility, strength and metabolism.  And you will love the community feel and social time with a nice cup of tea or coffee to finish.

Our Tariffs

TARIFFINDIVIDUAL (per month)JOINT (2 people, per month)
2x weekly£60£110
3x weekly£80£150

TARIFF1:1(per month)1:2(per month)1:3(per month)
1x weekly£150£220£260
2x weekly£300£440£520
3x weekly£450£680£780
*An initial payment of your first session is required when booking personal training


And here are 7 Reasons to join Realfit:

  1. You will enjoy instructor led training
    We are not like a gym where you turn up and do your own thing, our coaches are with you every step of the way and encourage and motivate you to push yourself in our small group training sessions.
  2. You will involve yourself in our Realfit community
    Not knowing people when you are training is not our thing, you will become part of our Realfit community and get to know like-minded people. As well as training at Realfit we also have regular social events which are always great fun.
  3. You will have a better understanding of your fitness and health goals
    We don’t just run our sessions and let you go on your way (you are welcome to if you want), our coaches are here to talk to you and help you with any fitness related questions you have. You receive a log book that you can record your goals in and see you progress over a 6 month timespan.  This is crucial for long term goals and general positivity.  We will also supply you with a take home nutrition guide – this has proved very popular and is very simple to fit into your everyday life.
  4. You will feel confident and motivated while doing your workouts.
    At Realfit we have no egos and no mirrors. From day 1 you will be welcomed into the centre and made to feel like you matter – that’s because you do. A very long time ago we decided no mirrors for the centre as well – this means you concentrate on you and no one else.
  5. You will move better on a daily basis
    Yes we can guarantee this – not only in our sessions do we concentrate on fitness, we also concentrate on mobility so everyday functions are easier for you.
  6. You will receive a FREE trial session and monthly contracts
    Want to see what we are like, then have a FREE Realfit session on us. You have nothing to lose! We will also not tie you into a 6 or 12 month contract, our tariffs are all on a rolling monthly contract and all we ask is you let us know via email if you want to leave.
  7. Money Back Guarantee
    Yes you read that correctly, we are confident that you will love Realfit but if for any reason you don’t we offer a money back guarantee in the first month.

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